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Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer science, is a science that has developed rapidly from the second half of the twentieth century

Thanks to the emergence of technologies such as the integrated circuit, the Internet and mobile phones

It is a science that collects the methods, techniques, processes, in order to store, process and transmit information and data in digital format. Being the branch of technology that studies the automatic processing of the information

Combines the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering, electronics, information theory, mathematics logic and human behavior

Aspects of computer science range from programming and computer architecture to artificial intelligence and robotics

In 1957, Karl Steinbuch added the German word Informatik in publishing a paper called Informatik: Automatische Informationsverarbeitung (Computer science: automatic processing of information)

The soviet Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailov was the first to use Informatik with the meaning of study, organization, and dissemination of scientific information, that is still its meaning in that language

In English, the word informatics was coined independently and almost simultaneously by Walter F. Bauer, in 1962, when Bauer co-founded the company Informatics General, Inc

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